Fucking Bunnies

Saatanan kanit

Teemu Niukkanen, Finland, 2017

Type: Black Comedy, Short Film
Prod. Year: 2017
Running Time: 17 min.
Language: Finnish
Production Company: Komeetta
Country: Finland
Type of material:

Raimo is a middle-aged Finnish man living with his wife in the suburbs of Helsinki. His comfy middle-class bubble is burst when a satan worshipping sex cult moves in next door.

However, the cult leader, Maki, is a very nice and considerate guy, always on the lookout for new friends. Being oblivious to Raimo’s subtle hints to keep his distance, he volunteers to be his squash partner.

Trying to avoid sharing his squash slot with Maki, Raimo ends up living in a lie that gets him into trouble.