Talk to him

Porozmawiaj z nim

Agata Prętka, Poland, 2010

Type: Animation, No Dialogue, Short Film
Prod. Year: 2010
Running Time: 8 min.
Language: No Dialogue
Production Company: ASP Poznań
Country: Poland
Type of material: HD file
Synopsis: The moment we get up in the morning, our life becomes a combination of letters and numbers. They are everywhere: at home, on the street and at work, in newspapers, in computers, on billboards. It is just these seemingly harmless signs that organize, and also control our everyday lives. Subordinated by the dictatorship of information we imperceptibly begin to lose our own selves. Only in a close contact with other people we have the chance to break free from their intrusive presence. The film made at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznań combines hand-drawn animation with documentary photography.