One Week and a Day

Shavua Ve Yom

Asaph Polonsky, Israel, 2016

Type: Black Comedy, Feature Film
Prod. Year: 2016
Running Time: 98 min.
Language: Hebrew
Production Company: Black Sheep Film Productions Ltd.
Country: Israel
Type of material:

When Eyal completes the traditional Jewish week of mourning for his late son, his wife urges him to return to their daily routine. Instead, he gets high with a young neighbor and sets out to discover that there are still things in his life worth living for.


World premiere: La Semaine de la Critique, Cannes 2016


Full review: Boyd van Hoeij, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

<<Affecting and amusing in equal measure.>>

<<Both confidently directed and beautifully played, with arthouse distributors worldwide certain to take an interest in this first film, which manages to be both very recognizable and accessible yet singular enough to set it apart from its brethren.>>

<<Unexpectedly poetic and moving>>

Full review: David Ehrlich, INDIEWIRE

<<A Moving Israeli Dramedy>>

<<Polonsky displays a rare patience for slow-burn comedy>>

<<What's true of Polonsky's film is also true of life: A little laughter goes a long way.>>

Full review: Wendy Ide, SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

<<It evokes something of the simmering rage that powers the comedy of television show Curb Your Enthusiasm.>>

<<When this portrait of a couple mourning the recent death of their son delivers its emotional payload in the third act, it is an unexpectedly devastating moment.>>

<<The moments of stillness have a real potency... it is the achingly lovely eulogy which follows, accompanied by a glimpse of the life of the man who delivers it, which floors us.>>